What is Enterprise Architecture?

The Enterprise Architecture represents a link between the enterprise business and IT strategies and the operational systems being developed and executed in production.

The Business Principles are the most important drives that shape and govern the Enterprise Architecture and Solutions built by delivery projects. The Architecture Principles concern the Enterprise Architecture and there will be separate architecture principles for each Architecture Domain (e.g. Business Services, Process Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture and Technology Architecture).

The Vision is a statement of the primary goals and objectives desired in the future.

Application Development projects are normally aimed at fulfilling the business requirements which are themselves part of the target Operating Model, although some tactical projects may be undertaken.

The Target Enterprise Architecture realises a to-be architecture that embodies the target Operating Model, Business and IT strategies, enterprise vision etc. It represents a bridge between the enterprise vision and the application development projects.

Once the work in an application development projects is completed, the solution architecture becomes part of the overall Current Enterprise Architecture models.

One Response to “Introduction to Enterprise Architecture”

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