I am currently available for new assignments.
I provide professional consultancy on enterprise architecture and related topics.

These topics include:

  • Strategy Planning and alignment with Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise architecture for strategic change and business transformation
  • Business architecture
  • Business Capability Planning and Development
  • Organisation development
  • Improve organisational effectiveness
  • System thinking
  • Performance improvement
  • Enterprise Architecture and Investment management
  • Risk and cost reduction
  • Strategic Architecture Roadmap development
  • Programme and project management
  • Governance and compliance
  • Professional Mentoring and Advice
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitating Workshops
  • Knowledge transfer, Advice and Guidance
  • Providing Training on TOGAF9, ArchiMate and Business Architecture
  • Governance and Compliance

My vision is to ensure my clients remain viable and become profitable in the future by radically transforming their use of enterprise architecture for strategic change.

Contact Adrian Campbell on +44 7547 964 317. where you can leave a message.

Better still, please email me at Adrian@Strategy-and-Architecture.com
Or at Adrianrgcampbell@gmail.com

Best regards

2 Responses to “My Services”

  1. robmoores Says:

    I was looking forward to reading your views on services and EA – but this page appears blank !

  2. It’s work in progress !

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