Elevator Speech for Enterprise Architecture

10 March 2015

What is a good elevator speech for Enterprise Architecture?

I usually say something like the following:

“Enterprise Architecture is a strategic business capability that provides benefits to a business for:

  • Digital strategy exploitation
  • Cloud strategy implementation
  • Business and IT Consolidation
  • Business Transformation
  • Cost reduction
  • Business Process Improvement and innovation
  • Exploiting opportunities for value creation
  • Facilitating Investment decisions
  • Effective performance measurement & management
  • New organisation structures
  • Business Model changes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions integration
  • Achieving and facilitating business growth
  • Improving the efficiency of existing operations
  • Smarter systems
  • Reuse of shared services
  • New technology implementation
  • Managing Regulatory changes”

If the building has a large number of floors then I might elaborate as follows:

  • For most companies Enterprise Architecture is an essential business capability when embarking on a large scale strategic planning and business transformation, which is all about staying robust, viable and efficient, continuing to deliver good outcomes and value to its customers/consumers in the future.
  • Enterprises want to stay competitive and efficient and beat the competition. EA makes the connections between Strategic Decisions and Business Outcomes and ultimately to deliver Value to their customers and stakeholders.
  • If a company is to succeed, it must make strategic decisions and investments in change based on a thorough analysis that is only possible with enterprise architecture.
  • All components of the Enterprise Architecture are traced back to the Business Strategy, Goals, objectives, Mission, Vision etc. This enables full traceability for changes.
  • EA provides an overall framework and knowledge base for managing, designing and delivering strategic business and IT changes, aligning outcomes to strategies, ensuring successful business transformations.
  • The Enterprise architecture model is a knowledge base for understanding, analysing, conducting impact and gap analysis, in order to evaluate various strategic scenarios.
  • EA helps to inform critical issues such as cost reduction, identify problems, process improvement, identify innovations, technology selection, investigation of possibilities and opportunities, organisation design, performance management, mergers and acquisitions and new business models.
  • EA guides, recommends and oversees the realisation of business strategy.
  • EA supports the assessment of future investment decisions.
  • EA supports Impact Analysis by identifying the boundaries and main components of an enterprise architecture and how they interrelate.
  • EA identifies the high level factors that describe the ends and means for achieving the enterprise mission and the architecture vision.
  • EA helps to aligning the IT Strategy with the Business Strategy, Business Model and Business Operating Model.
  • EA provides value by governing and supporting IT enabled policy changes, major initiatives and change programmes.
  • EA provides a knowledge base to directly support business and IT management leadership in understanding what makes the business work.
  • EA provides governance and design assurance to service development and delivery projects.

Pick and Mix to suit your organisation !


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