Adoption of ArchiMate in the UK

14 October 2010

I was recently asked about the adoption trend of ArchiMate.
I see demand for ArchiMate support slowly increasing in the UK, but it is nowhere near the tipping point that it has already reached in the Benelux area, especially in the Netherlands of course, where a requirement for enterprise architects to have Archimate experience is ubiquitous.
I’ve come across many Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects that are aware of Archimate and have been using it in their models, even if the organisation as a whole has not yet made it a standard.
From discussions I’ve had recently I understand that interest in the USA and in South Africa in ArchiMate may be growing faster at the moment than in the UK.
The main motivation for the ArchiMate foundation transferring their intellectual property to the Open Group was to to enable ArchiMate to reach a global audience.
At the time that Archimate was first developed, TOGAF didn’t have a meta model so there was a significant need for one to complement the ADM.
ArchiMate is the only defacto standard modelling language for enterprise architecture in the same way that BPMN and UML are defacto modelling languages for BPM and solution design respectively. I’d like to see the Open Group doing much more to promote ArchiMate now that it is in their stable alongside TOGAF 9.
However I foresee that in the next version of TOGAF meta model and ArchiMate meta model will merge. The TOGAF 9 meta model has many good features and a wider scope but is not quite as mature or complete as the older more tested ArchiMate meta model. I discuss some of my ideas about this on my wiki site and plan to produce a paper on the subject shortly.
The TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate complement each other and can be used well in combination.
What I have found is that the ArchiMate meta model resonates very well with clients that want a simple to understand set of Enterprise Architecture concepts that supports their way of thinking and also supports a service oriented architecture approach. Archimate maps easily to BPMN and UML modelling by design, so it is useful for translating Enterprise Architecture models into more detailed solution architecture models.
A large number of EA tools already support ArchiMate. These include:
  • BiZZdesign Architect
  • Avolution Abacus
  • Sparxsystems Enterprise Architect
  • IDS Scheer Aris,
  • Casewise
  • System Architect
  • Salamander MOOD
  • Archi
ArchiMate can also be used with the Troux EA repository, which can be configured to support it, and as I’ve mentioned I’ve already customised Mega for two clients to enable better support for ArchiMate.
If you want to know more about ArchiMate then I have a created a 2 day course to introduce the concepts and use of ArchiMate.
Contact me at for details.


4 Responses to “Adoption of ArchiMate in the UK”

  1. Nic Plum Says:

    I agree that a metamodel is necessary (but not sufficient to stand a chance of being able to exchange models. TOGAF is a rolled up process (through which you might create a framework) and even if TOGAF itself has a metamodel it doesn’t automatically mean that everyone using it has a framework with common metamodel (e.g. if I create a framework X and someone else creates a framework Y, both using TOGAF, it isn’t going to make model exchange/sharing easy).

    To say that ArchiMate is the ‘only defacto standard modelling language’ isn’t true. It is a modelling language/framework with a metamodel but not the only one. In the defence world there are the DODAF (Dept. of Defense Architecture Framework) and derivatives such as MODAF (UK), DNDAF (Canada) and NAF (NATO). In the UK we’ve also released TRAK – based on MODAF but a general domain free and system-centric enterprise architecture framework with a simple metamodel and rules (in accordance with ISO 42010) which is as far as I can see the first and, as yet only, open source enterprise architecture in existance – see , and Tom Grave’s blog which compares TRAK and ArchiMate –

  2. Jon McLeod Says:

    Adrian – great article! Thanks. Jon

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  4. Hi, for some reason when I place your feed into google reader, it won?t work. Can you give me the RSS link just to be sure I?m using the most appropriate one?

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