Archimate User Group in the UK?

6 August 2008

I have been evangelising about Archimate for a few years now in the UK and elsewhere.

Following a recent discussion, I wondered whether anyone else in the UK has also been using Archimate within their organisations and would like to get together to share their experiences, models, use of EA tools (such as BiZZdesign Architect or Avolution Abacus)?


3 Responses to “Archimate User Group in the UK?”

  1. I’ve not used it in anger yet, but Abacus is one of the tools being evaluated as part of PeaF (Pragmatic EA Framework.

    Kevin Lee Smith

    • The nice thing about Abacus is the way in which one can create and adapt the meta model so easily, which is something of a chore in EA tool such as Mega.
      Unfortunately I suspect this ability may make Abacus look like a rather ‘techie’ or ‘academic’ tool to some clients.

      On the other hand the predefined Implementation details about various component implementations, the ability to compare as is and to be models and the analysis tools (cost, modularity, performance, openness, reliability) are unique and useful features.
      Abacus supports all the main EA frameworks including Archimate.

  2. Tim O'Neill Says:

    The tailoring of the meta-model is enabled/disabled with the ‘flick of a switch’ when you have the Designer permission. This means that users that are … um … not so expert (shall we say) need know nothing about tailoring the meta-model and just get a configured one to fill in / follow.

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