Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect tool now supports TOGAF

13 May 2008

Today I returned to the Sparx Systems web site to see what was new and was pleased to discover that the Enterprise Architect tool can now be extended with a new MDG technology add on for the TOGAF 8 Architecture Development Method, in addition to the previous add on that was available for the Zachman Framework.

The Enterprise Architect tool is already a great tool and this add on is sure to be popular. TOGAF is increasingly mentioned as a desirable skill in job specifications for Enterprise Architects.

Of course, now that the Open Group has adopted the Archimate  Enterprise Architecture modelling language standard, the next add on I’d like to see is one for Archimate.


4 Responses to “Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect tool now supports TOGAF”

  1. bert jamin Says:

    I firmly support this wish! working at a Dutch university and striving for cooperation between (dutch) universities on architecture it’s getting more and more necessary to be able to communicate our models in ‘The Standard’ language, which is Archimate.

  2. Sjaak Laan Says:

    I would very much like to have Archimate incorporated in this tool!

    Sjaak Laan
    IT Architect

  3. Jay Says:

    Probably worth cehcking out Orbus Software, they support Archimate in their tool !

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