Archimate and TOGAF

30 January 2008

For a long time now I have been recommending that organisations use the TOGAF ADM as the basis for their Enterprise Architecture Development Process and best practices, and to also use Archimate as the basis for their Enterprise Architecture Framework and the metamodel of architecture elements that need to be developed.

Archimate presents a unified way of modelling enterprise architectures, integrating the architecture domains for Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Application Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture in a way that makes the models easy for decision makers to understand and read. Archimate also includes a big focus on Services within the various architecture domains, which supports the adoption of Service Oriented Architecture approach. See and

I recommend the Archimate book. See

Anyway, the reason that I’m prompted to mention Archimate again is that good news today is that the Open Group has announced their intention to adopt ArchiMate as an independent standard for enterprise architecture modelling and analysis.


The combined use of TOGAF and Archimate is one step towards increasing the maturity of the EA discipline.

I predict that the next step in this EA maturity story will be the alignment of COBIT with Archimate and TOGAF.

There is a paper available to COBIT members that looks at the mapping from COBIT to TOGAF.

You know it makes sense!


2 Responses to “Archimate and TOGAF”

  1. […] Adrian has some good thoughts on this topic […]

  2. Tim Chaffe Says:

    Have just found this site and agree that the thinking is good and clearly presented.

    To aid with recalcitrant long URLs I suggest you use


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